Welcome to Convergineering

Welcome to Convergineering

Convergineering designs and builds a new generation of unified technology infrastructure that intelligently connects your office or building environments onto a common - network centric platform. We help our customers understand convergence and introduce integration strategies that significantly increase operational efficiencies. Our approach will provide you with the Perspective, Insight, Vision and Focus necessary to succeed!

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Technology Convergence in Offices and Buildings

in Offices and Buildings

Internet Protocol (IP) is enabling technology to converge onto a COMMON unified network. In conjunction with proven disruptive technologies, the opportunity exists to foster greater operational efficiencies, increased connectivity, better business intelligence and a way of future proofing your office’s or building’s technology network.

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Unified Infrastructure is dependent on a robust network infrastructure that leverages WAN, LAN and Wi-Fi for connectivity enabling access from any web enabled device from anywhere.
Data from security sensors and access controls feeding into the central management system of a unified network provide optimal visibility into the entire environment for better responses and metrics on operations. Integration with the lighting controls is also beneficial for security or night time cleaning staff.
Integrating Audio Visual onto the unified infrastructure is all about significantly improving the user experience and using automation for provisioning, control and management of these systems.
Building Automation Systems and Building Management Systems now offer IP integration onto a unified network creating better operational efficiencies, intelligence and performance
Communications and collaboration are the cornerstone of successful organizations. Unified network communications through VOIP, telepresence and conferencing (web, audio and video) meet an organizations needs at the lowest costs. Information Technology (IT) serves as the foundation of the unified network and we leverage new technologies such as virtualization and cloud services to enable growth without relative cost.
Unified infrastructure now introduces the redundancy, resiliency and survivability necessary for Fire and Life Safety to move onto the unified network for centralized monitoring. It can be integrated with the broadcast systems and lighting to greatly enhance communication during an emergency.
Lighting controls integrated onto the network provides substantial energy savings as well as valuable feedback on the performance of the office or building environment.
Consolidate convergence with INTELLIGENCE!

Consolidate convergence with INTELLIGENCE

Converging your technologies onto a unified infrastructure is the first step. Now add intelligence by leveraging software applications that monitor, manage and control these technologies.These applications will generate an abundance of data that will be used to measure and maintain the Peak Performance of your office or building environment.

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Integrating controls and sensor networks provide the intelligence necessary to develop proactive policies for the optimal operation of a office or building environment. The constant sensor feedback allows you to manage and measure performance while the controls allow you to make adjustments for continuous improvement.
‘OPEN’ standards for the next generation of automation is the key. Most automation systems are proprietary and thus create silos of information. By integrating the environment onto an OPEN unified IP infrastructure, centralized control is achieved and dynamic performance policies will be designed to trigger peak automated responses.
Using the intelligence for proactive MANAGEMENT!

Using the intelligence for proactive MANAGEMENT

Convergineering will provide you with the tools that provide complete visibility into the unified network OR you may leverage our monitoring and performance management services to maintain peak performance while allowing you to focus on your business.

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Dynamic changes to facilities occur in real time based on policies and thresholds programmed into the automated controls. This provides maximum performance and optimization of all systems.
Our full-time staff of certified experts are accessible to handle all telephone, email and online enquiries. We employ industry best practices and systems for incident management, tracking and reporting.
Leveraging key performance indicators to define and measure performance goals will enable benchmarking and continuous improvement towards optimization.
Our Network Operation Centre is a centralized facility that monitors and manages mission critical infrastructure on behalf of our clients. NOC staff troubleshoot problems, facilitate repairs, perform installations, patches and scheduled maintenance.

Convergence + Intelligence + Management =