Jack Zhuang awarded the ARIN Fellowship

April 10th, 2011

Jack Zhuang of Convergineering awarded the ARIN Fellowship. As the only Canadian to be granted the fellowship, Jack will have access to and influence on Internet Number resource policy, specifically as it relates to the IPV4 to IPv6 transition. For those who are unaware, the IPv4 address pool is now depleted and a new Internet numbering system, IPv6 will take its place. Note: IPv6 will not be backwards compatible to IPv4.
See IPv4/IPv6: The Bottom Line. What’s your strategy?

About ARIN

ARIN, American Registry for Internet Numbers, provides services related to the technical coordination and management of internet number resources and policy for the regions of Canada, most of the Caribbean and the United States.

Convergineering earns Redwood Systems Dealership

February 23rd, 2011

Convergineering and Redwood Systems of Silicon Valley have come to a Canadian dealership agreement whereby Convergineering will be the solution integrator as well as offer support to customers and sales agents. This is a significant win for Convergineering as Redwood’s products not only provide dramatic energy savings but they also provide the sensor network necessary to gather additional data for building intelligence. For property owners and operators, Redwood Systems is a great example of the evolution of the intelligent building.

About Redwood Systems
Redwood Systems is pioneering an entirely new way to power, communicate, and control lighting in buildings. Our technology will facilitate unprecedented energy savings and greatly improve overall building performance. By combining three typically discrete systems (power, communications, sensors) into one low-voltage networked system, Redwood’s platform will make smart buildings vastly simpler, easier, and less expensive to own and operate.

We don’t make the lights — we make them smart.

For more information visit www.redwoodsystems.com

Robert Smith named Realcomm ‘Top 35 to Watch’

January 27th, 2011

Robert Smith, President and CTO of Convergineering and EyedleTime, was named in Realcomm’s 2011 ‘Top 35 to Watch’ a list that ‘ represents those individuals and organizations that are, and have been, visibly committed to ‘moving the needle to the right’ in terms of development and implementation of innovative technologies in either the commercial or corporate real estate space. Realcomm

About Realcomm

Realcomm’s mission is to educate commercial and corporate real estate industry about ways to improve their business processes and operations with the use of technology, automation and innovation. www.realcomm.com